Our story

How we started

Kevin started making honey back in 2002 after his wife, Belinda, spotted an advert about beekeeping at their local garden centre. This sparked his interest due to a love of insects and the outdoors.

Kevin gradually became an expert on beekeeping and amassed several hives as well as lots of equipment. Selling some jars to a few local shops and individuals helped to pay for what was becoming an expensive hobby!

Over the years the honey became extremely popular and those who tried it always came back for more.

In 2019 The Yorkshire Hive was born to provide a place to be able to sell the honey far and wide via the magic of the internet. 

Our process

When you buy our honey you're purchasing 100% raw honey which goes from the hive to the jar with as few steps as possible in- between. We use no hard chemicals or extreme heat.

First the honey is cool spun from the honeycomb into food grade containers.

It is then gently warmed and filtered into a settling tank for ripening, before being put into jars and sent to our customer to enjoy!