Why has my runny honey turned into set honey?

Don't worry if this happens - it is called granulation and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the honey. In fact it is a sign of its purity.

It's still fine to eat, however if you wish to return the honey back to its runny state simply loosen the lid and place it in a saucepan of tepid water until runny again.


What's the difference between raw honey and Manuka honey?

Our raw honey is unprocessed and we only do the minimum necessary to get it from hive to jar and ready to sell. Manuka honey is a type of raw honey which is derived exclusively from the bees that feed on the Manuka plant. Our raw honey has been known to help with cuts and wounds, colds, hayfever and more. Whilst Manuka honey also helps with these issues, there is limited evidence to suggest that it has many benefits superior to that of raw honey. However some studies have shown that it has stronger antibacterial properties. 

There is also an increase in fake Manuka honey being sold in recent years.